Facility Services Company Lowers Cost and Time to Deploy and Run Mobile Computing Solutions

Challenge Quickly expanding distribution operations meant that the mobility team had to get new wireless infrastructure and mobile hardware deployed and up and running without a hitch. This included a transition from Windows-based mobile computers to Android operating systems, and new wireless antennas.  Unfortunately, recurring mobile user complaints of latency and disconnects at a one[…]

Food Manufacturer Finds Cause of Mysterious Delays in Voice-Picking Operations

Challenge After numerous changes to the wireless infrastructure and months of working with four vendors involved in the voice-picking solution, mobile workers continued to experience intermittent but frequent delays when requesting a response from the system. Honeywell Vocollect engineers suggested Connect Inc’s technology and services to capture and analyze an end-to-end profile of the voice data[…]

Surprise, It’s Not The RF Network

The Origins of Mobile-User Issues What may shock most of us in the mobile or wireless industry is that the most common cause of repeating, intermittent latency and disconnection issues is not the wireless network. Out of 125 mobile-user complaints of disconnects and latency analyzed*, about a third (36%) were attributed to wireless network issues[…]

Mobile User Input: The Missing Link

Why doesn’t every mobile user have the ability to report mobile performance problems as they occur, directly from the work floor? Because in the past any user report, verbal or electronic, could not be converted into actionable troubleshooting information. Mobile-user input was nothing more than a complaint to be logged then escalated at some point[…]

Beware of Backwards Troubleshooting

What Is Backwards Troubleshooting? For those supporting mobile computers, networks and applications in supply chain operations the best way to describe the most common form of troubleshooting  is “backwards” troubleshooting. It is a reaction to mobile-user complaints that turns a mole-hill of an issue into a mountain of problems for IT and Operations. Using the[…]

Beverage Bottling Plant Restores Inventory Speed

Mobile diagnostics quickly get operations back on track and prevent application re-writes Challenge Mobile users taking inventory complained that the response time (screen update time) of their devices mysteriously increased from about 2 seconds to 4-6 seconds per data entry. This meant each inventory transaction took 12-18 seconds in total (3 updates per transaction). Increasing[…]

Grocery Chain Puts CONNECT To The Test

Highly Productive Distribution Centers Require Diagnostics for Mobile and Wireless   Challenge After 7 years of using Connect software to stabilize, accelerate and maintain their RF networks, in 2010 this North American grocery giant implemented a new warehouse management system (WMS) and upgraded their mobile devices. After the upgrades, the customer decided to performance test[…]