The Operations team wants speed and reliability from mobile to meet productivity goals.

IT Support requires smarter tools to keep applications, networks and mobile devices running optimally and within budget.

The CEO demands proof of success.

Meet the demands of owning and supporting mobile applications, networks, and devices from behind your desk. The MSI technology captures the mobile user's performance, collects user inputs, and delivers the findings with data and dashboards right to your inbox. It only takes 2 clicks to avoid hundreds of vendor emails, visits to remote facilities, and countless conference calls related to "mobile connectivity issues."

Mobile Systems Intelligence



Zero-in on the root causes of connectivity issues slowing mobile productivity workers.


Mobile transaction tuning parameters speeds mobile response times and productivity. 


End-to-end system behavior and performance visibility for data-driven action. 


Curated email alerts that deliver threshold notifications of system performance in real-time. 

Diagnose & Resolve Connectivity Issues

 Slowness, disconnects, blank screens - these are common mobile-user complaints that impede productivity in mission and business critical operations. 

The Connect Virtual Appliance (CVA) profiles every mobile transaction and applies intelligent algorithms synthesizing big data into actionable, usable information — reducing both time-to-resolution and user frustration.

Directly observe and isolate mobile system performance that impacts mobile users — without leaving your desk.

Drill-down into the content of specific problematic transactions to further isolate causes and move to resolution.

Validate issue resolution and provide proof of continuous improvement.

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Troubleshooting wireless connectivity issues

Optimize Mobile Response Times

To our customers optimization means that mobile workers in warehouse, logistics, manufacturing and retail operations can scan, pack, pick, ship and deliver as fast as possible and without interruption.

Mobile Systems Intelligence sees where the bottlenecks are, eliminates them, then allows you to fine tune the system. Here are a few tools included with the software.

Reduction of data volume and traffic across wired and wireless networks during peak productivity.

Renders mobile pages faster and more efficiently with the Connect Hypertext Optimization Protocol (CHOP).

Eliminate host application and client-side compatibility issues with intelligent software tools.

Looking for faster more stable mobile response times? Talk with our team.

Always-on Monitoring

 If you've ever wasted time waiting for a problem to repeat itself so you could start diagnostics, or had to make decisions based on guess-work and incomplete information, then you already know the value having data on hand.

Mobile Systems Intelligence captures data on every mobile transaction, summarizing and analyzing data in real-time, but also storing this information, making it 'always-on'.

Benchmark - If you have to make changes to mobile system applications, networks, or mobile computers it is important to know the performance before and after and the impact on mobile users.

Compare & Improve - Once the performance across the mobile system and users is known then data-driven action can be taken then validated from the perspective of the mobile user (without needing to ask the users).

Migrating to Android from Windows mobile devices? Upgrading or rolling-out new mobile applications?  We make it easier and less costly to test and deploy new devices, networks, and applications.

mobile transaction monitoring

Alerts and Reporting

There is no need to stay glued to the software interface to get real-time visibility into every component of your mobile system performance and user experience.

Simply set up email alerts based on your criteria — such as application, WAN, RF LAN, or device latencies —  for instant notification of performance parameters that fail to meet your productivity goals.

Use the built-in dashboard to access a summary of mobile session parameters across various locations, users or time periods. Or export data into your favorite reporting tool — such as SAP's Crystal Reports, or any number of third-party dashboard and reporting tools.


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