Facility Services Company Lowers Cost and Time to Deploy and Run Mobile Computing Solutions

Challenge Quickly expanding distribution operations meant that the mobility team had to get new wireless infrastructure and mobile hardware deployed and up and running without a hitch. This included a transition from Windows-based mobile computers to Android operating systems, and new wireless antennas.  Unfortunately, recurring mobile user complaints of latency and disconnects at a one[…]

Beware of Backwards Troubleshooting

What Is Backwards Troubleshooting? For those supporting mobile computers, networks and applications in supply chain operations the best way to describe the most common form of troubleshooting  is “backwards” troubleshooting. It is a reaction to mobile-user complaints that turns a mole-hill of an issue into a mountain of problems for IT and Operations. Using the[…]

WLAN Capacity: Theory vs. Reality

WLAN in Distribution Centers Most DC managers understand that they need much greater WLAN capacity (i.e. throughput) when they roll-out data intensive applications like SAP ITSMobile. Yet, even after they’ve taken the apparently prudent step of increasing the aggregate data rate that theoretically matches load demands, they are regularly confounded by the continued performance complaints[…]