Mobile and voice data collections and IoT demand fast, real-time responses and stable performance. Downtime resulting from network, application and mobile device problems are costly because they are difficult to troubleshoot, resolve and monitor without the right tools, data sets, and expertise.


Mobile Systems Intelligence identifies and isolates mobile-user complaints and their causes in minutes, not months.

The Standard IT Troubleshooting Toolkit

The IT tool set consists of monitors and analyzers, each specific to a part of the mobile system, e.g application, network, and mobile computer or device. These tool sets:

Do not provide a historic record of the problems the mobile user is experiencing along with user input.

Provide segmented data that often leads troubleshooters in the wrong direction.

Are most effective once the problem has been isolated to a specific part of the mobile system, i.e. network, device, app.

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Intelligent Tools, Expert Analysis

Mobile Systems Intelligence is an end-to-end support service enabled by specialized software (CVA) and 30 years of mobile troubleshooting experience. It is designed to find and diagnose sluggish mobile user performance and reduced productivity utilizing:

Direct observation of the mobile user's experience that can be viewed and analyzed in real-time and stored for later analysis.

Single interface contains all the critical information required to isolate causes of poor mobile performance across devices, networks, and applications.

Always-on monitoring goes beyond isolating issues to providing actionable information and tools to optimize the mobile session.

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Smooth OS migrations, application updates, and new wireless roll-outs

What if each mobile user's productivity could be increased without making any changes to your mobile infrastructure or workflows?

Even a small delay on each mobile computer entry, even of just a second, quickly adds up and impacts the total number of tasks the mobile user can complete.

In fact, a general mobile system issue that delays a mobile worker only 3% of the time results in approximately $2800 in lost labor costs per mobile user each year.

Mobile System Performance Metrics

Benchmarks - "Always-on" monitoring tracks the speed of each mobile transaction so you know exactly how transaction rate and productivity are linked.

Measures - Separates time lost on the application side, network, and mobile device. With this information you know where time and resources should be spent to eliminate latency and disruptions that impact mobile productivity.

Improves - Supports IT teams and vendors in finding and eliminating bottlenecks slowing mobile productivity workers.

You can recoup lost time in wireless data collections operations.

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Mobile User Support

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Mobile Performance Optimization

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