what your mobile workforce experiences so does your customer.

what would it mean to finally see your business from the frontline's point of view?

Mobile Systems Intelligence by Connect Inc is a software-driven service that automates the capture and analysis of the mobile user's experience in the context of the end to end mobile infrastructure. It describes how mobile issues impact efficiency and what can be done about it. IT and Operations teams shift their focus from troubleshooting to data-driven actions that measurably improve the business.
Why It Works For You

You didn’t ask for more tools and people to manage, you asked for actionable data analysis that moves the needle on efficiency and cost reductions.

How It Works For You

Click-through problem capture and automated root cause analysis eliminates traditional troubleshooting and delivers data to improve the business.

Technology and Services

Do more with less when you have intelligence at your fingertips. No certifications, no training – just answers.

1-minute video: Explains the benefits of Mobile Systems Intelligence to IT, operations and mobile associates

Feedback from MSI Customers

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Mobile Systems Intelligence

Powered by the Connect Virtual Appliance (CVA)
Remote visibility of the mobile infrastructure linked to the point of impact.
  • Specialized Diagnostics

    Real-time diagnostics of issues slowing mobile users

  • mobile user reporting

    Capturing user experience without human exchanges


    of system behavior and mobile user experience

  • Automated support

    Manage and improve a complex infrastructure with fewer resources


Access to useful articles, webinars, and documentation

What is the business case for Mobile Systems Intelligence? Learn how IT and Operations leadership capture measurable improvements and reduce risk and cost for their business.