Grocery Chain Puts CONNECT To The Test

Highly Productive Distribution Centers Require Diagnostics for Mobile and Wireless



After 7 years of using Connect software to stabilize, accelerate and maintain their RF networks, in 2010 this North American grocery giant implemented a new warehouse management system (WMS) and upgraded their mobile devices. After the upgrades, the customer decided to performance test their system with and without Connect’s virtual appliance at 4 DCs. Handheld wireless devices were configured to bypass Connect’s software and connected directly to the WMS application.


Thorough testing revealed slower response times and frequently dropped sessions than end-users had become accustomed to. After Connect was brought back online, end-users stopped complaining of dropped sessions and noted visibly faster response times.  Therefore management concluded that Connect is integral to end-user satisfaction and optimal productivity.

Following the upgrade, the WMS application began shutting down intermittently, but the WMS vendor was unable to pinpoint the problem. The customer used Connect’s FindFix built-in troubleshooting tools to find the root cause of the problem, which turned out to be a security bug. Once the root cause had been identified, they were able to fix the problem immediately, avoiding costly downtime in mission critical DC operations.


As this Connect customer continues to make IT improvements across their business, Connect is more than just a software vendor but a valuable partner relied upon to maintain optimal productivity and avoid costly shutdowns to their RF data collections operations.