The Importance of Mobile Transaction Visibility

Mobile computers scan barcodes in the blink of an eye completing thousands of mobile transactions daily in order to pick, pack, ship and deliver packages to customers.

Did you know that if just 5% of mobile transactions are routinely delayed, enterprise companies spend an additional $10 million dollars or more each year on labor and IT, plus take losses on missed shipments.

Yet at any given time, IT teams responsible for supporting mobile operations can only view a third of the total mobile system that moves data from host application over wireless networks to the mobile user.  Effectively leaving them in the dark on the majority of the system.

Our research shows that 2 out of 3 companies without mobile transaction visibility rip and replace part or all of their supporting infrastructure to alleviate performance issues – only to have problems persist.

End-to-end, application to mobile user visibility provides a complete record for each and every wireless data transaction shedding light on the behaviors of applications, networks and mobile computers. This provides IT with the information needed to monitor, find, and fix issues that slow the flow of goods; and recoup $3 to 10 thousand dollars per mobile worker each year.

Are your teams supporting mobile without mobile transaction visibility?