Mobile User Input: The Missing Link

Why doesn’t every mobile user have the ability to report mobile performance problems as they occur, directly from the work floor?

Because in the past any user report, verbal or electronic, could not be converted into actionable troubleshooting information. Mobile-user input was nothing more than a complaint to be logged then escalated at some point to an internal team or vendor who, with limited information, follows a process of shotgun troubleshooting. Thus, the reason for long incident resolution cycles and the inevitable lost productivity of mobile-users that most considered normal.

Today, Connect provides the technology linking the user complaint and the root cause, automating support of mobile users and the mobile infrastructure. By converting user input directly into actionable data and then routing that data to the appropriate IT help desk, problems that used to fester for weeks, months and years are now identified and diagnosed in hours and days.

Linking mobile-user complaints to the root cause of those complaints leads to measurable business benefits. A simple reduction in the time and resources required to identify and resolve all mobile system issues results in an overall productivity gain, as well as cost reductions and efficiencies related to deploying, owning and supporting mobility.

The missing link is provided by Connect’s Mobile Systems Intelligence. It collects mobile user input, ties those inputs to a real-time analysis of the end-to-end mobile communication data then intelligently sends an alert or support ticket to the appropriate troubleshooting team along with an actionable dataset for root cause analysis.  This process is the new normal that benefits mobile-users, IT managers, and the business as a whole.