Surprise, It’s Not The RF Network

The Origins of Mobile-User Issues

What may shock most of us in the mobile or wireless industry is that the most common cause of repeating, intermittent latency and disconnection issues is not the wireless network. Out of 125 mobile-user complaints of disconnects and latency analyzed*, about a third (36%) were attributed to wireless network issues alone. The majority were found to be caused by mobile device hardware and software issues (27%) or originating from the host application environment (37%).

Mobile application delays or a poorly behaving browser or telnet client manifest the same symptoms as a network problem but are extremely difficult to observe, test, and resolve. These are the non-network problems impacting mobile-user productivity that persist, continuing to nag mobile users and IT support in nearly 2 out of every 3 cases of repeating mobile-user complaints.

Intelligent Monitoring to Save Time and Money

To capture and solve all latency and disconnection issues quickly with the least amount of frustration and resources requires always-on, transaction-aware monitoring tied to mobile user feedback. Without accurate feedback from users that is tied to actionable data to validate and diagnose root causes IT support teams believe there are few problems impacting productivity or rip and replace the wireless infrastructure to address existing issues.

Utilizing technology and services from Connect Inc. to capture mobile-user complaints along with the root cause of those issues, companies are able to:

  • Quantify the performance of their mobility solutions and infrastructure based on unbiased datasets;
  • Eliminate wasted time and mis-allocated spending in the management of mobile systems;
  • Measure improvements to the mobile infrastructure based on impacts to the mobile users.

* Analysis performed by Connect Inc on data sourced from multiple mobile-user sites in manufacturing and distribution environments across industry sectors including food and beverage, medical, textiles, industrial supplies and equipment, auto and aerospace. 

Pie chart summary of root causes directly related to mobile-user issues in 125 customer cases.