Use Case: Mobile Android OS Migration Faster With Mobile Systems Intelligence

Latency, disconnects halt Android OS Migration

Quickly expanding distribution operations meant that the mobility team had to deploy new wireless infrastructure and mobile hardware without a hitch. This included a transition from Windows-based mobile computers to Android operating systems, and new wireless antennas. Unfortunately, recurring mobile user complaints of latency and disconnects at a one of their key distribution centers prevented moving forward with new mobile deployments.

Fast, Accurate Isolation of Root Causes

In a collaborative effort with Zebra Technologies, the reseller partner, and Connect Inc., Mobile Systems Intelligence was quickly deployed in the key distribution center. With clear visibility into the performance of all mobile users tied directly to the users specific mobile transaction details, Connect found that there was not a single silver bullet cause or fix, but rather five distinct and specific issues with root causes ranging from device configurations and browser behavior to wireless network interference and host application errors and delays.

The company then began deploying Mobile Systems Intelligence along with mobile hardware and solutions to all their new distribution center roll-outs. They found that deployment and on-going support of mobile computers, wireless networks, and host applications requires less time and cost to the company because any issue in the mobile infrastructure impacting the mobile associates is immediately identified and the root cause is known within minutes or hours.

Data-Driven Decisions Streamline IT Resources and Labor Costs

Always-on monitoring of all mobile system components in direct relation to the mobile user’s experience means that only priority issues are addressed and the mean time to problem identification and resolution is drastically reduced. 

The company is enjoying on-going protection from mis-allocating funds by way of trial and error efforts, such as wireless site surveys, and other analysis that do not address the root causes of mobile user complaints.

Corporate IT leadership analyzes the big data sets generated by Mobile Systems Intelligence software to get a bird’s eye view of mobile infrastructure performance on a day to day and hourly basis. This picture of mobile infrastructure health is being used to inform decisions about where resources are needed to improve the functioning of the mobile backbone that supports their growing supply chain operations.

Meanwhile, mobile associates in their distribution centers experience fewer interruptions, increasing the productivity of the distribution center. This amounts to labor and other operation cost savings opportunities to the tune of $100,000 per month.