Food Manufacturer Finds Cause of Mysterious Delays in Voice-Picking Operations

Vendors Struggle To Resolve Intermittent Mobile Delays

After numerous changes to the wireless infrastructure and months of working with four vendors involved in the voice-picking solution, mobile workers continued to experience intermittent but frequent delays when requesting a response from the system. Honeywell Vocollect engineers suggested Connect Inc’s technology and services to capture and analyze an end-to-end profile of the voice data traffic to identify where, when and why these delays were occurring.

Cause of Delays Uncovered

Connect customized the CVA to monitor, parse and analyze in real-time 4 separate protocols along the voice-data path to determine the timing of data as it was transferred from host to user and back again. By distinguishing the slow transactions from the baseline and parsing the timing and content of those slow transactions across the mobile data path, the cause of delays was found after only 30 minutes of monitoring.

In this case, the delays were found to be isolated to the processing of data on the host application. The wireless networks and the Vocollect hardware and software were eliminated as the root cause of the customer’s pain points. The application team was provided with the specific transactions and transaction details associated with the delays and they found a background server maintenance process was responsible for the host latency.

End to End Visibility Helps Meet Demand

After months of mis-allocated resources on wireless network replacements, vendor diagnostics and thousands of hours of emails, meetings, and onsite visits, the root cause was found in just 30 minutes with Connect Inc.’s software and expertise. This food manufacturer found that Connect’s end-to-end visibility proved to be crucial for meeting distribution demands of their key customer – the largest fast food chain in the country.