Connect Inc. Achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

Connect Inc. Achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

Mobile Systems Intelligence by Connect Inc. validated at Zebra’s Solutions Center to deliver unprecedented visibility into wireless systems and mobile user experience

Chicago, IL – [Oct. 18, 2018] – Connect Inc today announced it has successfully completed Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program for its Connect Virtual Appliance (CVA). This designation indicates to customers and partners that its Mobile Systems Intelligence solution powered by the CVA was successfully tested – confirming its performance and functionality with select Zebra devices.


  • Mobile Systems Intelligence breaks down the barriers of siloed technical support by simplifying diagnostics across the mobile device, application, and networks. This new visibility and associated analytics of mobile transactional data is a breakthrough for supporting mobile users and complex enterprise mobile environments resulting in faster mobile response times, and reducing mobile support costs.
  • For Zebra mobile computing users, this technology provides the next-level performance assurance that goes beyond the device. The greatest impact and value is realized during mobile solution validation, deployment, and day-to-day support of mobile users. Mobile Systems Intelligence delivers measurable user experience improvements, IT support enhancements and overall peace of mind while incorporating and supporting Zebra’s solutions in an increasingly complex IT environment.
  • Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program enables eligible channel partners to test the interoperability of their software solutions with select Zebra mobile computers, scanners, printers, RFID readers, payment systems, and mobility management software products, meet user application-specific needs, and reduce both the risk and the deployment time for the user.
  • Working closely with Zebra engineering teams, Connect Inc. has tested its CVA software for interoperability with select products, including the TC51, MC3300, and TC20.


Jeff Trotier, President, TPI
“Since we’ve incorporated the CVA visibility into our mobile solutions portfolio, we’ve been able to help many businesses get to the root cause of their mobility issues much faster, saving them countless days of lost productivity and the expense of on-going troubleshooting.”




About Connect Inc.

For nearly three decades, Connect Inc. has been innovating mobile solutions for enterprise companies globally. Following its mission to make wireless simpler, smarter, and faster Connect uses established innovation, leadership, and industry-recognized product support to alleviate the uncertainty and cost in owning mobile computers, wireless networks and mobile applications.  Leveraging the power and stability of proven software code that ran its PowerNet offering, Connect developed a virtualized software solution, the CVA, that goes beyond applications, networks and devices to solve today’s most difficult yet common mobile performance and support challenges.]


About TPI

TPI (Transition Products, Inc) helps companies in many industries operate more efficiently and more profitably. For over 20 years leading companies in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and transportation have come to TPI for help designing, installing, and troubleshooting issues with critical WiFi systems, bar-coding solutions, and Field Service Automation. TPI has been a multiple winner of the Columbus Fast 50 Award, and was recognized by INC Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America.

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