The only software needed to get all the benefits of Mobile Systems Intelligence is the Connect Virtual Appliance (CVA).

Software packaged for ease of deployment and maintenance.
Mobile systems for real-time data collections and the CVA 
Data analysis and metrics on the customer's own MSI Portal.

Architecture and Deployment

The CVA can be deployed either on-premise, in a private data center or in the cloud. It is compliant with the AWS requirements for virtual appliances.

It comes pre-built, pre-configured and ready to run.

Easily integrates into high availability and load balancing environments to provide fault tolerance.

Does not require any changes to the host application(s), wireless backbone, or mobile computer software.

Client agents are not required.

Not sure if it will work with your mobile architecture? Contact our technical support team to get your questions answered.

virtual and compatible software by Connect Inc.


The CVA is compatible with almost any real-time wireless data collections environment.

Does not require an agent or any device-side software to be installed on the mobile users device.

Handles both HTTP and Telnet protocols as well as voice protocols and wireless robotics protocols.

Does not require a monitoring port and is set up for fault tolerance and redundancy.

Does not interfere with or replace the functions of mobile device management software, network controllers, network monitors or application monitoring software.

Contact us for system requirements.

Getting Started

Mobile Systems Intelligence requires deployment of the CVA and connection of mobile devices to the CVA.

Expert end-to-end diagnostics, monitoring and MSI metrics and curated dashboards are included with Mobile Systems Intelligence. Delivered via our customer interface on the CVA, called the MSI Portal.

Mobile Systems Intelligence is provided by Connect Inc. and our authorized Reseller Partners.

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