Video: The Benefits of Mobile Systems Intelligence and Zebra Technologies

How do Zebra customers benefit from including Mobile Systems Intelligence with their mobile solution deployments? Watch to this one minute video to find out. More about Zebra Technologies and Connect’s Mobile Systems Intelligence solution: Brochure: Adding Zebra Services with MSI to Mobile Deployments Zebra E Book: Tale of Two Warehouse Innovators Press Release: Connect Achieves[…]

Why Is Visibility Into Your Frontline Mobile Workforce So Important?

The full interview of Shari Christofferson of Connect Inc with Eugene Signorini of Skyllful. We explore what frontline workers really think, why their input into the digital transformation matters and how to access it; as well as tidbits about the origins of Connect Inc, why we created Mobile Systems Intelligence and how to staying connected[…]

Shifting Focus to Mobile User Experience Leads to a Better Customer Experience

And while many have implemented what are called “real-user monitoring tools” these fall short of the three pillars that lead to better mobile-user and customer service experiences in supply chains, retail, healthcare and other industries with mobile workers driving the business forward. THESE THREE PILLARS ARE: Empower the front-line mobile worker at the point of[…]

One Page Introduction to Mobile Systems Intelligence

Learn the three steps enterprise companies take to reduce their IT resources to support the frontline mobile workforce; deliver measurable increases in mobile worker satisfaction and productivity; and give their executives the analytics to make improvements to the business.  More about Mobile Systems Intelligence:  Podcast: Why Visibility Into Your Frontline Mobile Workforce Is So Important[…]