Mobile Systems Intelligence is a technology and data-driven process that remotely captures mobile-user experience and feedback in context of the key mobile system components and behaviors. The diagnostic reporting and tracking process assists internal teams and vendors to understand the data and move more quickly to resolution.

ITOps teams avoid hundreds of troubleshooting emails, visits to remote facilities, and countless conference calls related to dreaded "mobile connectivity" issues. Mobile associates are measurably more efficient.


Automate complex system analysis to access actionable diagnostics, metrics and dashboards in minutes.


Understand your frontline mobile workers' true experience when it matters to them.


Automate root cause analysis to pinpoint the system bottleneck directly related to worker complaints.


Expert data analysis supports IT teams and vendors to speed resolution.


Track the success of resolutions and find areas of continuous improvements.

How Does Mobile Systems Intelligence differ from Enterprise IT Monitoring Tools?

Simple Answer: A tool requires an operator, MSI manages the tool for you.

Understand the Mobile User's Experience

What if IT teams and vendors find and solve problems that cause mobile productivity delays in one hour instead of one week or month?

The key to reducing time to detect and address productivity-killing mobile issues is to automate problem capture and speed the troubleshooting process.

Find out what problems are hurting mobile associate productivity with agent-less mobile user reporting.

The mobile user's input triggers a software-assisted analysis that intelligently records and stores a "snapshot" of the mobile system at the moment the user complained.

Are you troubleshooting a mobile system issue today? Run it by us.

Diagnostics Done Right

 Eliminate the challenge, travel costs and business losses associated with recreating an intermittent mobile user delay or disconnect.

That's what Mobile Systems Intelligence delivers in an easy to access and use portal.

Full transactional visibility between the mobile users and their enterprise applications isolates bottlenecks in real-time.

Automated and expert data analysis eliminates the painful process of searching through log files.

Impact analysis gives busy IT teams a sense of which issues are causing the most user frustration to prioritize escalations.

Ask us how much time your IT team can save by eliminating 80% of the troubleshooting and analysis process.

Fearless Migrations and Upgrades

 Know where you are to find out how to get where you need to go.

Whether your company is in a major digital transformation or changing mobile vendors, Mobile Systems Intelligence captures data on every mobile transaction, summarizing and analyzing data in real-time, but also storing this information, making it 'always-on'.

Benchmark - If you have to make changes to mobile system applications, networks, or mobile computers it is important to know the performance before and after and the impact on mobile users.

Compare & Improve - Once the performance across the mobile system and users is known then data-driven action can be taken then validated from the perspective of the mobile user (without needing to ask the users).

Migrating to Android from Windows mobile devices? Upgrading or rolling-out new mobile applications?  We make it easier and less costly to test and deploy new devices, networks, and applications.

mobile transaction monitoring

Meaningful Alerts and Metrics

Let's face it, applications, networks, and mobile devices can have a hiccup now and again but that is not the same thing as a persistent defect impacting overall productivity.

Simply set-up alerts based on your criteria — such as application, WAN, RF LAN, or device delays —  for instant notification of performance parameters that fail to meet your productivity goals and Connect takes care of the rest.

No analysis required, just fast, accurate diagnostics based on threshold exceed alerts or user inputs delivered to your MSI Portal.

What is the quick calculus on the business case for Mobile Systems Intelligence?

Learn how intelligent enterprises create IT and Operational efficiencies that reduce costs and risks.