Assurance that Zebra Solutions Work With Your Existing IT Systems


When enterprises introduce Zebra edge solutions, they want proof positive that they function seamlessly with the existing IT infrastructure.

That's why Zebra and Connect Inc partnered to deliver the only independent testing and validation service that ensures a successful go-live deployment with your unique enterprise networks and back-end applications.

Zebra's market-leading device interoperability testing is coupled with Connect's end-to-end infrastructure diagnostics to deliver what is most important for your business - an optimal mobile user experience.

Get in touch with us today for more information on how this specialized service can help you achieve:

  • Faster mobile solution deployments
  • Greater mobile-user satisfaction
  • Increased adoption of new technologies
  • Maximized ROI on mobility investments
  • Prescriptive analytics for continued improvement

1-minute video explains benefits to IT and Operations

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Customer Testimonial

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"We rolled out Android mobile computers in two sites with and without Mobile Systems Intelligence, it was like night and day."

Mobility Manager for a National MRO and Uniform Supply Company North America

Use Case

Zebra customer reduces IT resources and limits mobile-user disruption during Android Migration